Bed Quilts

African fabric back, detail.JPGAfrican fabric, back.jpgAfrican fabric,partial.jpgBlue Queen, back.JPGBlue Queen.jpgBoxes and Bands back - Copy.JPGBoxes and Bands, 2005 Private Collection.jpgDark Night, Bright Sun, Back.jpgDark Night,Bright Sun,.jpg d.jpgFaye Quilt    Queen size.JPGFaye Quilt front.jpgFaye Quilt view a.JPGFaye Quilt view b.JPGKing Quilt, back.jpgMossy Green back.JPGMossy Green, detail a.jpgMossy Green, Queen.jpgOpal Queen detail.jpgQueen 2003, Private Collection.JPGQueen Quilt Back.jpgQueen, 2003     Private Collection.JPGQuilt for Kings, King size.jpg